[Latest v2.0.6]Freedom Apk Download | Download Freedom APK for Android

Hey, buddies!!! here we are describing freedom app. Freedom Apk is universally known as the main component that helps everyone, save people in earning game coins and provides them with free in app purchases. It is very useful to you.

Important Note:

It is mandatory that the freedom app needs the root access. That is your Android must be rooted if the android isn’t rooted the freedom app will not work on your device. So, before you go ahead you will have to make sure that your android device is rooted.

What is Freedom App?

What makes Freedom App so accepted and widely welcomed, it certainly is due to the permits it allows its users to hack in-app purchases without actually having to pay for it.

The freedom app is the hacking tool which bypasses the credit checking system of the google pay and then it actually uses the fake credit in order to pay for the credit features.

Diversified games such as ‘Sweet Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Metropolis Island, Pou and multiple more have had the liberty through freedom.apk for Android as users need not necessarily make payments on theses apps potentially.

It works like, actually the fake credit card does not have any credit loaded but still what works is that the app is capable enough to convince the play store that the actual money was already paid

On those lines, similarly every Android user will surely benefit from this app and it levies no restrictions or barriers on downloads and in-app purchases making it highly efficient and user-friendly.

Another thing you should know is that the freedom app is not legal and you cannot get this app from the google play store, but the crazy thing is you can use this app for free without facing any challenges or risks as a huge number of people are using this app.

Why Do You Need Freedom Apk On Android 

Assumptions may be many, yet the facts are certainly right and genuine about this app and it has not let any user feel regretful, here a few solid reasons as to why:-

  • Free in-app purchases on your google play store.
  • Complete access and no restrictions on any particular app of interest.
  • Gaming enthusiasts on Android phones have the availability of unlimited gems and lives on any specific games they play their minds into.
  • Arguably easy to use by any.

Freedom Apk

How does it work?

  • People usually confuse with hacking but using this app everything fine, it is the simplest that means of acquiring cards, coins, etc. by the gamers on Android versions to collectively play free of charge. It solely relies on a ‘no cost in program purchase.’
  • Secondly, Freedom APK applies means of ‘dummy’ credit card for purchases.
  • Few programs may require being uninstalled after rooting the apparatus, APK brings about essentiality and changes the operation according to the Android version the particular phone is at.
  • Many apps create root access attributes towards growing memory, manipulation, etc. but this comparison is completely reliable.

Few of the APK exclusives are:-

  • PokeSniper APK
  • SBGame Hacker – best hacker for android as a game modifier.

How to Download & Install Freedom Apk

  • The primary means of using the app is enabling the unknown sources in the phone to install APK from internal memory or phone’s sd card.
  • The Android phones have the >security,>check>enable unknown sources.
  • Download the APK File from here
  • Installing the APK file.
  • Super use permissions are highly necessary. Root permissions must be granted.
  • Now it releases the apps in the phone that require in-app purchases
  • Tap on the apps to make them for free.

While making the apps for free, ‘No advertisement free card’ will appear on the screen, Click on Grant on it to further, go ahead and buy the app for free.

Freedom APK can get upgrades, premiums, features for games and apps for free via root access. The 1.0.6 version supports Android 2.2 and higher, Lollipop users must use the latest version and APK can be of continuously upgraded on its options menu In the Android phone.

On the recent upgrade of APK, v1.0.8c is free off rooting.

The version 1.0.7k lately works only with the Android Lollipop. However this app facilitates the user with new editions every week, it may not pertain to all the apps and games but is surely safe to use on a phone unless a user misuses it.

You can follow this video tutorial if you have any doubts.


  • Must to have the latest edition of Google Play Store.
  • All Google services or apps like Google Talk, Google Play, etc.
  • Using device must be rooted (Exceptionally for HTC phones, S-OFF must be there on the device)
  • Time zone must set to be accordingly to Moscow before using the app.
  • Internet connection rate at 2.1+ Android device.
  • Rooted Android 2.1+

This app works only for legally installed apps.Another better comfort using this app is that while playing a game, one frequently replays a particular level due to the purchased add and this app improves or avoids these clusters.

It also provides the user with better visual clarity for games.


Freedom apk for lollipop can it be directly done from the Google Play store, root access is essential. However, any of the laptop/PC users can directly download it based on the steps mentioned above to have faster access to better levels.